Why We’re Losing the War (On Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer)
Dr. Jason Fung

This is a great article. The only thing I would say is that words like “hormones” are not used when I believe many more people can relate to it. While insulin evidently is a hormone, eating junk food effects other hormones or enables bad bacteria that release hormones or other signals. My suggestion is that if you say calorie counting / dosage is not the issue but the hormonal response, there are a great number of people, especially middle age who are numb to hearing insulin but open to hormones. Also, low calorie means the body slows down. You could excite them by saying you can eat Whole Foods with good fats, etc.

Lastly, some of these articles feel more like an expression of your frustration but you are not giving ways / protocols for people to take action. Thus, they like your words but go back to their own ways. Almost immediately.

Just my thoughts on communication. I highly respect and like your work. Just as frustrated. And I will be at the Tripping over the Truth conference next week.

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