Trump Shocked To Learn Puerto Ricans Are U.S. Citizens After Their Plea For Storm Aid
Allan Ishac

Mainstream media, always ready to bash Trump, never reported this supposed quote from the Governor of PR. It’s made up. And there is a massive military aid operation going on now. It was started quickly.

But we have to talk about PR’s situation. They are in massive debt. From what pictures I see of the island, I don’t see a lot of self-help going on, but just asking for aid. Now they want a new infrastructure, despite not having maintained the old one, not having pruned trees to protect it, and being way in debt. I don’t think all that is happening. Their lives will be saved, but we won’t build them a new infrastructure and hand it to them.

If they want a new infrastructure they might have to give up ownership claims to land. Otherwise they can keep the land and build their own infrastructure. Their choice.

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