Home, James — 10 Quick Thoughts About the Comey Firing
Dave Pell

  1. The firing of Comey is what Rosenstein said it was.
  2. We don’t start public investigations here until there’s something to investigate. Some people in government forgot their high school civics.
  3. Irony is Rosenstein writing up Comey and getting him fired, then investigating Trump for following his recommendation. Obstruction of justice is part of what Comey was fired for.
  4. What underlying crime? And I agree with your kind words about Nixon, but Trump knows quite a bit of history too. You, however, …
  5. This is why we don’t let eight year olds make policy. But Trump should now fire Rosenstein, even without Rosenstein’s permission.
  6. Firing Comey, that two faced liar, was unobjectionable. But the Dems esp. Schumer reliably objected. They object to Trump’s very existence. They want to rerun the election because they couldn’t even influence enough electors to go faithless, waaaa …
  7. You said nothing so I have no reply.
  8. Associating oneself with “the Russia investigation”, that unbounded and ill defined thing, should not be a guarantee of job security. And not for Rosenstein nor Mueller, either. Where’s Mueller’s result?
  9. Sally Yates may be a wonderful human being, even though actually she’s not. She disobeyed an order and was fired for it.
  10. Comey’s turned on his old frenemies. Maybe he’s been arrested.
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