Soros To Start Trading Cryptoassets, Bitcoin ETF’s A Possibility And More…

The Abacus Crypto Market Report focuses on two on two polar yet symbiotic elements of cryptocurrency markets — adoption and regulation. By analyzing these countervailing forces we can best identify macro-trends.

Adoption And Free Enterprise

  • Soros Approves Crypto Trading: Markets are tumbling but…

The SEC Adds Bite To Its Bark, Japan Shuts Down 2 Crypto Exchanges, Protocol Development Thriving.

Adoption And Free Enterprise

  • Coinbase Launches Index Fund: Crypto exchange powerhouse, Coinbase, has officially announced the launch of a market cap weighted index fund. The fund will support all Coinbase digital assets which currently include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash…

David Beiner

Making sense of chaos. Which doesn’t make sense. Mine as well give it a try though.

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