Launching real-time collaboration for Froala with

David Sun
David Sun
Aug 30, 2019 · 2 min read

At, what drives us is the mission to democratize real-time collaboration for the masses, and to help teams work smarter and better wherever their members are located. To that end, we are always on the lookout for like-minded companies and startups to partner with to deliver our technologies to a broader number of developers and users.

Beginning today, we will be officially partnering with the folks behind the Froala editor, and continue our push to make real-time collaboration more widely available. Using client side API, developers will be able to integrate real-time co-editing with Froala with just a few lines of javascript. Teams will then be able to edit the same rich text documents, and see each other’s edits (character-by-character) in real time, directly inside Froala.

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Ever since we got into this space, we have been big fans of Froala, for its progressive UI design, ease-of-use and its rich set of features and plugins. When we got in touch with the Froala team last year to explore their interest in introducing real-time co-editing to Froala users, it was pretty clear that they had also been thinking about this for a while. After nearly a year of work, we are finally ready to make this available to Froala users and developers — get ready for your own Google Docs-like co-editing in Froala.

Here is a Codepen demo where you can try it out.

We are very cognizant that different apps have diverse needs and requirements when it comes to collaboration, and we are ready to work with the Froala community to prioritize our roadmap. We will also be working closely with the Froala team to stay in sync with each others feature leases and product updates. Send us your thoughts about what’s important to your workflow and what features and capabilities you’d like to see.

Finally, a big shout out to the folks at Froala for making this happen.

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