The Hive is the New Network
Arjun Sethi

Very interesting, Arjun. We at Unanimous A.I. have long espoused the huge potential of synchronous interactions among groups of people. In fact, the development of our swarm intelligence platform, UNU, was inspired by the goal of enabling people to benefit from their collective behaviors much as swarming honeybees do. In our case, we developed an environment that enables groups to interact synchronously and in so doing address problems as a cohesive unit, leveraging the collective intelligence of the participants. Our research has shown out-sized results in terms of more accurate predictions, optimized decisions, and amplification of performance of participating individuals. In sum, like the honeybees, an UNU-enabled human swarm intelligence is capable of things beyond that of the average individual. Moreover, our solutions are focused on not simply enabling the emergence of swarm insights, but enabling the swarm to apply its potential to real issues facing it, in social and business environments. UNU is in Public Beta — the social platform (it turns out being part of a swarm is also fun) is active most evenings; private “rooms” are available for more serious exercises — and is probably the most practical example of humans deliberately creating “hiveminds” for their collective benefit.