How The GMC Appraisal And Revalidation Process Work?

General Medical Council has devised a process of medical appraisal and revalidation for those doctors who want to retain their medical license to practise. The main purpose of the process is to give assurance to the patients, employers and other professionals in the industry of healthcare that doctors are licensed, up to date and fit to do their medical practice.

The doctors and other healthcare specialists/consultants are required to undergo a rigorous and robust process of annual appraisal which is based on the core guidelines and framework of General Medical Council.

The process of medical revalidation involves the continuous assessment of the individual’s fitness to practise and is based on the local appraisal system as well as clinical governance. The registered and licensed doctors need to maintain a complete portfolio of their supporting information as evidence which is drawn from the entire scope of their medical practice. It demonstrates that the doctors are continuing to meet the professional standards as set out in the Good Medical Practice Framework for the appraisal and revalidation.

The medical appraisal and revalidation process is monitored by the GMC responsible officer who is also responsible for making necessary arrangements for appraisal at the designated body or the healthcare organisation where the doctor works. He is responsible for facilitating the process of appraisal and the results of appraisal meetings are presented to the GMC responsible officer who finally makes recommendations about the doctor’s revalidation to the General Medical Council.

The doctors are required to gather the following type of supporting information that has been mentioned in the framework of GMC which includes the following:

• General personal and professional information

• Quality improvement activities

• Significant events

• Colleagues feedback

• Patients feedback

• Review of complaints and compliments

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It is mandatory for the practising doctors to participate in the annual appraisal meetings in which they should discuss and reflect upon their medical practice, supporting information as well as their professional performance, career aspirations, goals, challenges and needed developments.

The main objectives of appraisal are;

• To give an opportunity to the individuals to:

• reflect on their medical practice as well as their approach towards medicine

• reflect on the gathered supporting information to know what it demonstrates about their medical practice

• identify the weak areas of medical practice which needs improvement

• demonstrate their fitness to practice

• Give assurance to their employer or the health care organisation as well as to the public the doctors remain up to date in their medical practice

Based on this information, the GMC responsible officer makes the recommendations to the GMC after every five years. Generally, the responsible officer is the medical director of the healthcare organisation or the designated body. The recommendations are based on the reports of the doctor’s appraisal during the five years cycle and the information that is derived from their clinical governance system.

The recommendations regarding the doctor’s practise are received by the GMC from the responsible officer. The GMC then carries out a series of check in order to ensure that there are no concerns regarding the practice of a doctor.