Hässelbyloppet October 12th 2014

My Motivation: 50min 10K

It was about 4 years ago that I started running, and early I set a motivation on Runkeeper to run 10K in less than 50 minutes.

I started running 4 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been very good at running continuously over the year — quite the opposite actually.

But these days it’s different. I run often, I run long distances and I prioritize my running.


This sunday I ran Hässelbyloppet. It’s a 10K run in a suburb of Stockholm. It’s flat and fast.

Me before the race. Source: my father on instagram

And I manage to run the race on less than 50 minutes. In fact I ran it on a whopping (for me) 46:36.

The race was really awesome. I started out in a pace that I was affraid was a little bit to quick and I feared that I would burn out myself. However, I continued and got to the 5K mark in a stable 23:46 — it was then I started to realize that I had a real good shot at sub-50.

The second part of the race was tougher, when there was a few K left I started to feel really tired. I didn’t slow down however, and I even managed to sprint the last few meters. I even managed to run the second part faster than the first one at 22:50!

New motivation

So now I have a new motivation: A marathon in less than 4 hours! Will maybe take a year or so to get there.

But first, Österlen marathon on November 1st!

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