Mid Semester Addendum

So far my blog has felt a little bit scatter brained — I have one foot through the door of more classical style blogging, and one foot through a more experimental door. I’ve been thinking a lot about these two doors and feelings like my blog will suffer if I don’t fully choose a door to walk through. I know this blog is supposed to be about music, but I also feel like it is about just getting thoughts on a page.

Before I began writing this very blog post, I was reading some other blogs that I follow on Medium (I follow 7 blogs all together, I’m still new to this). I happened upon one post titled, “Writers: Don’t stop telling stories.” The post, written by Jonas Ellison, quotes Anne Lamott who said, “Write what you’d love to come upon.” I thought about this for a few moments and have decided that I would love to come upon a blog that doesn’t necessarily have a theme, but rather one that expresses who the writer is and what’s on his or her mind.

I want this to be a space for me to write — sometimes it will be about music, but I’m ok with it when it’s not.

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