The Power of Music

I listened to the song on Sunday night. By Monday afternoon, my fingernails were aching and my hair felt coarse. By Tuesday morning, my iris had lost all color and my lips were dry and flaky. Tuesday night, two of my fingernails slid off my fingers to reveal raw, infected finger pads. I tried to cover them with bandages but the acidity in my skin caused the fabric of the bandage to sizzle and disintegrate into my skin upon contact. My elbows and knees became skinned, like I had been involved in a bad skateboarding accident. I woke up Wednesday morning completely bald, my eyelashes, eyebrows, and leg hair all gone from my body as well. When I attempted to bite into my morning toast, I found that my teeth were soft and malleable like a gummy bear.

When I called the doctor, he said that nothing could be done. I had listened to the song; against the Surgeon General’s warning on the album’s cover art. I had read the reviews. I had read the obituaries. Why did I listen to the song?

As my skin began to sizzle and rot, I contemplated that very question. I began listening out of curiosity. When I saw the headlines about a song that caused the listener’s body to enter into an autoimmune state, I didn’t believe it. “Music doesn’t have that power,” I told myself, “that’s material for a science fiction book.” So I listened to the song.

It was so beautiful. My ears immediately began to melt into the chords. I became one with the harmonies and experienced psychedelic visions. The patterns on plaster walls began to swirl, illustrating scenes of fish jumping and grizzly bears fishing. My fingers began to turn purple and shiny; my lap felt warm and comfortable until I looked down and realized I had wet my pants. I didn’t think much of it, vowing to take care of the mess when the song was over. I closed my eyes and took in the warm nutty scents radiating out of the song.

I listened to the 3 minute song on repeat for four hours. When it ended, I gathered myself and went to sleep. When I awoke, I immediately began to feel symptoms.

It’s now been a full week since listening to the song and doctors have predicted that I will live for up to 5 more hours. My skin has began to disintegrate, my bones are exposed and my teeth are completely gone. I can no longer eat without immediately vomiting. I still don’t regret listening to the song. It was the best moment of my life.