Blame Eric Willis

This is a story about Maker Hunt, Makerthon and Chatmunk, some of the awesome opportunities Eric hooked me up with.

On May 20th I came across a little Slack group called Maker Hunt and I jumped at the opportunity to sign up, this seemed perfect, a way to connect with other people who were huge product nerds and loved Product Hunt as much as I did.

About 7 days of being in the group, I was chatting to Eric and I asked him had the group ever had a hackathon, we got to talking and realised it was a great idea. From there Makerthon was born. I got pretty into organising the hackathon despite being in the middle of exams at the time…(I’m still to this day referred to as Mr.Makerthon by Jeff Needles 🙌), despite being in the middle of my exams .

Some really cool shit came out of the Makerthon and I made some awesome friends, so overall it was an awesome experience for everyone.

Some of best moments

After Makerthon I started contributing a lot to Maker Hunt, I was made an admin and I really started to make awesome friends who I never would have met if it wasn’t for the group.

One day in boredom I did a redesign of Meerkat, for the fun, I posted it in Maker Hunt and Eric chatted me asking was I available to work on a chat app that he was going to launch, so naturally I was like hell yeah! From there we had a couple calls, designed some shit up and “Nucker”, as it was called at the time was born. Originally the app was a way to follow people in your Slack communities and see what they were working on.

We pivoted pretty early on and it’s now been renamed Chatmunk and it’s an app that connects you with a small number of people to have a scheduled chat around a hot curated topic.

After iteration after iteration, we’ve finally settled on a final design.

Designing Chatmunk was one of my first real product design experiences where I had to please someone other than myself, between Eric, Gabe (our iOS developer) and 54 dedicated Makers in our private Slack group.

Working with Eric has been such a pleasure and a learning experience, and I hope we work on lots more products in the future!

Happy Birthday Eric!