A Day in the Life of DRVR

With special guest star –DRVR (Pronounced Driver)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bangkok? Traffic, Nightlife, Floating Markets? Bangkok is probably not the first city which comes to mind when you think of high tech startups. Life in Bangkok is very different from the postcards it’s so much more fun.

We spent the day with DRVR’s CEO and Co Founder David to understand more about what a day in Bangkok is like for a tech startup.

For David the day begins around 8am with a walk along the canal to the nearby Hive co working space

Walk to the office along the canal

The DRVR team usually meets up for breakfast which the company provides (it’s a great way for staff to socialize and start the day). Bangkok has a great range of co-working spaces, into the community & social statups? Then MaD is the place for you. Prefer to hang out with Thai Hipsters then Hubba is the place. The Hive is a good mix — awesome space and a good mix of start-ups.

DRVR being IoT startup is involved in both hardware and software. David spends the first couple of hours of the day responding to any emails which may have come in over night from the US of Europe. He also has a meeting with Kris the Product owner to walk through the plan for the next sprint. It’s great to see the back ward and forward banter going on.

At 11 on the dot the team gathers around the whiteboard and has their Daily stand up. Some of the team dial in for this most are face to face.

The dev team cracks on with coding for the rest of the morning. David and Kris head off to a meeting with a teclo partner. As they are running late they decide to take motorcycle taxi to the Skytrain. This is a really fun and quick way to get around town. Of course it would never be allowed most western countries.

Kris and David get back from their meeting in time for the Lunch/Thai lesson with Shaun the Deer our Thai teacher. Today we head out to a Thai restaurant for lunch and learn Thai in a restaurant.

DRVR team out for drinks

After lunch the team heads back to the Hive.

After lunch Kris, David and Kirill have a call with one of customers in Yangon. They’ve got some new requirements for the DRVR portal and give us some feedback. It’s great to work with customers who are so passionate about our software. Later that afternoon Kirill implements one of the changes that our customer asked for and lets the customer know it’s live — small round of applause for Kirril.

The rest of the afternoon is spent preparing for an event the team is doing the week after. The whole team is involved in this. It’s an introduction to IoT workshop.

After work the guys head up to the rooftop bar at the Hive for a relaxing beer. The team then heads out to W Art Market for some more drinks. David and Arkar sneak off to play some board games.

Board games after work

About DRVR

DRVR is an IoT startup focused on solving the problems of logisictics in South East Asia. We connect the fleets of Asia.

DRVR was originally founded in Melbourne in 2014 — by work colleagues Eugene and David. They had been working for the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria’s Telematics arm Intelematics. The two of them helped transform the company from a small local operation to a business focused on overseas expansion. They both say the great opportunities offered by the South East Asian market with the introduction of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) and decided to set up a business in Bangkok Thailand. www.drvr.co

DRVR wins best startup — @Googlehackfest
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