Arkar Min Aung, leading software developer in Myanmar

How did you hear about DRVR in the first place?

Back in 2015, I was working on a toy project with my car and the data I can get from OBDII port. I was very interested in the idea of connected car and I have known the benefits that communters can get when we can make good use of data that we get from connected car platforms. I started looking for startups which are working on this idea by mid 2015 and coincidentally, my friend referred me to Chris on Twitter (Chris was looking for developers for DRVR in Myanmar). This is how every piece of puzzle fell into place and I sent email to David, describing my enthusiasm and told how much I wanted to work at DRVR to help build this awesome product.

Arkar is one of the leading software developer in Myanmar. He even got a full scholarship for his Master in the US.

From the technical point of view, what does DRVR have more than its competitors?

DRVR has one of the most robust backend system which is built with “the future” in mind and the most cutting edge User Interface which just makes the task of fleet management a whole lot fun. This combination of battle-tested backend architecture with extremely intuitive frontend protal sets DRVR apart from the rest of telematics software solutions.

What makes DRVR unique?

DRVR knows what the customers want and provides ways that customers can use to solve their business problems. DRVR is focused on prodviding intuitive software solutions for the users to make their business more efficient.