DRVR Proudly works with Knit By Jib to support education in Hill tribe villages

By Dana Blouin

Tech start-up life in Bangkok is fast paced and amazing, and let there be no doubt DRVR is thriving in this environment. Our team is growing, as is our customer base and things are looking fantastic on the investor front. But, lets save that for another time, we will share more on these aspects of the business with you in the near future.

While we are committed to growing our business and changing the way the world sees and uses telematics we also want to focus on social causes that are important to DRVR as well. Which is why we recently joined forces with another Thai start-up, Knit by Jib (www.knitbyjib.com) to support a school that serves a rural hill trip in Northern Thailand.

The school is just a single room and has two teachers for their 47 students that range from Pre-K to 12th grade. The school and village are completely off the grid. Simply to reach the village it is a two-day trip north from Chaingmai, including the last leg, which is a 3-hour trip through mountain roads via 4x4. Needless to say, the logistics of getting there are a bit challenging.

Formal education has only been available in this hill tribe region for the past 12 years, as such its value is still not fully grasped by the locals leading to a number of barriers for the teachers, who also receive little support when compared to other schools located in cities and towns around Thailand.

DRVRs donation provided the school with some much-needed resources; things that seem simple like pencils, paper, visual learning tools and white boards, but these are things that this school had very little of. The teacher and students were all very appreciative of the donation that we provided but were even more appreciative of he time we spent there with them helping with the school and spending time with them.

While there in the village we were able to talk with the teachers and assess some of the needs of the school. There are some very simple things that can be done to help improve the quality of the school and support the teachers’ efforts to help these children get the most of their education.

We plan to continue to support this worthy cause. DRVR staff and the company will be helping in any way we can. If you are interested in helping please contact Jib directly:


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