Thomas Hassler, senior software developer

So you have just joined the company, can we know why?

After six years in consultancy I got the feeling that now is the right time to make a change. During my stay in Rome I could not imagine myself going back to my previous job. When I discovered the job description of DRVR I was intrigued because it’s core competence lies in the automotive industry. In my previous job I was designing and developing solutions for e-mobility charging systems in Vienna and since then I follow the developments in this sector with personal interest. I am convinced that the set of experiences I’m gonna make at DRVR will elevate not just my professional vita but me as a human being.

What is your first feeling about DRVR?

After I have joined two hangouts I have the impression everyone is fired up. I’m really looking forward to be on-site to be part of that team and fully engage. Today I’m heading back to Germany and I cannot wait to come back working with the team in Bangkok.

What do you hope to achieve at DRVR?

From a technical standpoint I get in touch with a totally different technology stack. I believe in continuous learning so I embrace this sort of challenge which will lead to a point where I can say that this role made me a more complete developer. Beside that, being part of an international team that works towards a common goal and see the incremental improvements is a big motivational factor — and I believe DRVR is the place for that.

Thomas joined the company recently and will fully work with DRVR in late 2016.