One of the questions I rarely get asked but should be asked is Why? Why Bangkok I answered in the last post and that one’s pretty east to answer. They real question is Why DRVR? Why have a relatively large group of people just under a dozen chosen to spent their time building DRVR (In case you are wondering it’s pronounced Driver).

I’m a big fan of Dan Pink — if you’ve not read his book Drive you should. This video from our friends at the RSA explains the core concepts

Once you have enough money to be comfortable the key things are:

Autonomy @DRVR I have ownership of what I’m doing

Mastery @DRVR I learn something new every day — the people around me inspire me

Purpose @DRVR I get to work on some amazing projects which can save people and animals (more on that soon)

Each person has their own motivations for joining DRVR but the three above sum it up nicely. No one joins the team because we pay amazing salaries — we don’t. No one joins because of job security or status — there are not much of either of those:) People join DRVR and countless other start-ups because the want to make a difference.

Last week Dana and I were interviewed by Logan Merrick from Buzinga app development http://www.buzinga.com.au/category/buzz/. We had a lot of fun, we were inspired and we were provoked all in the space of 45 minutes. To me one of the key things was the critical role of a team. Leadership is important but that leadership is about getting the right people together and letting them do it.

To answer the question of Why DRVR to me is complex and really up to who is answering. I think it’s safe to say that the three motives above make up a large part of that.

A couple of posts ago I introduced you to the DRVR team. We’ve increased our number since then by another two including our first local recruit. We’re in the process of on boarding both team members so I can’t reveal too much but welcome Kris & Arkar! I’ll post some bios and pics next time.

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