What would someone bold write? If I were 10x’s bolder, what would I write? What does the world need to hear?
It needs to hear, that no matter what happens, no matter what is being planned by an elite that intends to maintain complete control no matter the costs, we must be vigilant to the truth, vigilant to love, and vigilant towards each other.
They’re trying to divide us into such polar opposite camps that we could never come together. Right now we are in totally opposite camps. How could we ever come together? What could break the spell? 
The only thing that could break the spell…the public’s insistence for the flat out truth. 

With the soon to be tallied results of the Presidential primaries announced and potential news of one or both of the parties having a clear winner lock up the nomination, we find ourselves entering a dangerous period where two outsider candidates seriously threaten components of the Establishment. Establishment Presidential candidates have realized their public unpopularity by a largely cynical public, as establishment favorites Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush suffer the results of previous family members’ miserable policies. Non-establishment Presidential candidates Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders, however different they & their policies may be, actually threaten certain Ruling class interests to such a degree that the public runs the risk of being forced to experience what political researcher Peter Dale Scott has termed “Deep State” events.

Deep State Events are complex political crimes foisted on a naive public as Stochastic events, involving of the of a countries politics and policies for political gain sometimes blamed on a sole perpetrator or group who defy the odds and pull a major event right out from under Government knowledge, although quite often national intelligence services are quite aware of the those eventually blamed. Other times, they are “unexpected” market, environmental or political events with destructive outcomes explained away as an consequence of a complex system encountering an unexpected glitch and now requiring immediate Government intervention. Other times they are major State operations leading to or concealing war. Often these events surprise a public & government which results in vast changes to Policy, Law, Leadership and National Strategy, oftentimes preceding and predicting a new military intervention. And virtually all of these events usually cost the public unquestionably large sums destined to be paid out to Corporate contractors implementing new policy changes, to the detriment of the public.

Deep State events have occurred during critical times when Ruling Class interests were challenged by any number of problematic issues mostly kept out of public debate and within policy & establishment circles. While information about these issues are not kept secret, they are largely confined to non-reported official, think-tank and policy level networks discussing & debating the complex interactions of Domestic & Foreign Policy, Economic trade, International Policies and Institutions, Illegal Markets, Resource Competition, Low-Intensity Conflict & sometimes outright War. The public is fed carefully crafted public relations disguised as national news repeated & endlessly regurgitated by a complicit corporate media to maintain an official version with little to no dissenting views. This public-safe view is often a simplified think-tank generated rationale used to “explain” complex policies in basic terms understandable & plausible enough for a largely naive public to digest and accept with little dissension.

Deep State events are usually followed by political reactions resulting in abrupt political change, often of leadership, always accompanied by swift policy changes, which a shocked, distracted and potentially fearful public otherwise would normally resist but tacitly accept . Often the policy changes directly target the public's civil liberties with elimination or infrin gement by the State. Often policy changes are accompanied by swift restructuring of laws intending to deal with a new threat. Oftentimes, these events signal the beginning of a new US military intervention abroad, usually one with larger and underreported issues having met an impasse and threatening US business or political interests. Often these events result in a changing of the guard by a rival political faction.

Deep State events are sometimes crimes targeting political leaders and other times targeting public spaces. These generate public Fear, frequently amplified by the mainstream media, popular entertainment, “talk” personalities & political pundits maintaining an ideological agenda and keeping the Fear in constant light. It is oftentimes compounded by the shock of the event, the introduction of a new enemy or threatening the existential safety of the Nation. Often these events have conflate fact and fiction , as descriptions of the event can vary greatly at first from the official narrative, but often, those exceptions become ancient history as the official narrative becomes dominant.

Under intense mediated & social pressure, the public has largely ignored and withdrawn conscious emotional energy towards confronting the truths about a number of these events that have shocked and scared a public into accepting vast political and social changes, often couched as imminently necessary for National Security. Domestic efforts by the CIA to denigrate anyone challenging official explanations of questionable events are charged with epithets of “Conspiracy Theorist” to denigrate legitimate dissenting views regarding the event. To encourage the renewal of discourse of these events and to avoid the common attempts at denigration, Sociological political researchers have coined a new and descriptive term, State Crimes Against Democracies (SCADs), to signify these Deep State events.

SCADs have common characteristics that provide enough contradictory evidence, control of the message and fallacious & vicious attacks against dissent which show much is being kept from public discourse which would unveil a more complex and cynical political reality. While no two SCADs are totally alike, most of them share a number of commonalities that cast doubt on official narratives. These include direct evidence linking covert intelligence services with suspects, conflicting & altered testimonials, unintentional media admissions promptly denied & stonewalled, media lack of dissenting views, official control of changing & contradictory narrative, refusal to release key evidence, delay in release of key evidence, destruction of key evidence, planting of false evidence, major crimes gone unnoticed and covered up, non-prosecution of people guilty of negligence, promotion of key officials guiding the process of investigation, participation in SCAD by officials previously involved in SCADs, & official investigations in the hands of total insiders.

Of course, without much trouble we could assemble a number of Deep State events which would qualify as SCADs. From the shocking violent attacks of 9/11, 7/7, Mumbai, Paris, Sandy Hook & San Bernardino; to the State crimes of Iran-Contra, Watergate, Gulf of Tonkin; to the political assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X and other Domestic leaders; to the political State violence of COINTELPro, Central American Proxy Wars, the McCarthy era; to the Stolen Elections in 2000, 2004, 2006 Congressional; to the Economic & Environmental Disasters of the S&L crisis & 2008 bank bailouts, Hurricane Katrina, Exxon Valdez, BP Oil Spill and CA Methane disaster; to the initiation of Wars created by the US against Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua , El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria; to the covert use and cooperation with Islamic Terrorism.

Many of these SCADs have far deeper explanations which reveal the workings of a complex political system kept largely out of public discourse. Some of these SCADs contain contradictory explanations and sometimes outright lies by officials which invalidate official narratives, yet remain hidden because of media blackout, deliberate attack of dissent, public exhaustion or indifference. Many of these SCADs have attracted popular dissent against the official narrative that is eventually silenced by a variety of methods, of which simply stonewalling critical discourse is most effective. However, very often initial public critique is later validated by historians exposing the inner workings, myths and falsehoods of Deep State events.

These SCADSs are often timed when the efforts to solve political crisis reaches an impasse between Ruling class factions; or during complex foreign conflicts over territories, alliances or access to resources; or when public dissent becomes a threat to US legitimacy on the world stage, with the Public threatening to actually assert its supposed role in popular Democracy.

And right now the US & world public risks again having to endure another Deep State event because of any number of crisis confronting a threatened Ruling Class & National Security State. From Climate Change effects on Big Business, People’s Movements against Corporate or Private Power, Citizen’s Reform Movements, Political Solidarity, Economic Policy Challenges, to Foreign Power rivalries & conflicts, including the current Syrian proxy war involving Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and the US. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, the legitimacy of US Leadership on the World Stage must be questioned after a 20 year attempt to remake world order. It has led to the devastation of a dozen countries across the Middle East and Asia and now threaten a wider conflict that could be set off by an international SCAD that deepens the Syrian crisis.

That our vision can be so distorted as to not see the truth of US & Western efforts for forcibly confront rival Eastern powers, largely over Economic issues but with the deadly force of International Terrorism as cover. This at the expense of literally 10’s of millions of civilians, especially families, women & children, in non-western countries being forcibly displaced and many more million outright killed. All this explained away because of Islamic terrorism but actually having more to do with Great Powers wrestling over control of resource extraction and a change in the Balance of Power.

It is the same pattern of Western State violence which has plagued world events and naturally occurs when Western Capital Enterprises encounter resistance towards resource extraction and the forcible opening of markets. It has been happening for hundreds of years, a colonial enterprise fueled by white supremacism & the intense avoidance of truth. We pay a blind eye to events that we should be all over like a hawk, for the rug has been pulled out from under us before and figures to be repeated. The whole world suffers as we go about our day, concerned with our Lives, avoiding cognition of the harm our Society is causing to people across the globe in the name of Global Security (of Private Capital Interest). We must wake up to our effect on the world as the rest of the world is forced to deal with a global corporate elite bickering over energy flows which are the last gasp of an old era.

We must also awaken to the reality that we are being kept in a state of panic and fear by events that require serious pause for careful review, consideration and confrontation with the truth. Particularly, from the 9/11 event onward, a new narrative was crafted to announce the US ascendency to assume unquestioned world leadership and to take all measures towards preventing others from challenging it. Nearly two decades later, a world racked by economic & proxy wars passed off as foreign interventions instead of capitalist enterprises, while covert alliances with Islamic terror mercenary armies cloud the clarity of conflict or sides.

All the while the public remains in a constant state of existential threat domestically. External threats are repeatedly used to support the continued funding the of a National Security State exerting more direct control. Domestic threats are given steady attention in the maintenance of the US violence obsession. Particularly domestic shooter events, which function much like the Strategy of Tension used to great effect in Europe by CIA connected stay-behind armies during the 1970’s & 1980’s .

Those covert groups infiltrated & inflicted false flag terrorism on the public across Europe to keep Communist and other Socialist movements from challenging political power. These false events outed by the Italian Government in 1991 revealed Domestic terror being used to keep the public in fear & target opposition popular movements. This same Strategy of Tension has likely continued to be a major tool in controlling domestic populations and have been used in the US, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Perhaps it has also become automated and publicized via the Drone Assassination program run by the CIA.


This and much else have continued for decades in full public view, while we desperately avert our attention toward entertainment, consumption and community. But its time to recognize we live in a world community and that our refusal to be good citizens has now become a threat to both ours and our world neighbors’ lives and to those generations to follow.

It is time for us to publicly confront reality, for we are all at risk with our continued refusal to uncover our eyes. Yet the veil is actually amazingly thin. We all have some inkling that we are being lied to. Our instincts as a public to learn the truth is actually up to us, for we have the power to force the truth into the open. I fear we must confront the truth if we are to survive in any kind of free world.

There is power in knowledge. There is power in truth. The public must reassert its insistence for Truth & Justice and maintain the will towards obtaining it for itself.

I am one of the Public, and I will speak the Truth.

We are the Public, and we demand the Truth.