Trim vs. Wedge: Which Labiaplasty Technique is Right for You?

If you’ve been researching labiaplasty, you may have already learned that there are actually two types of labiaplasty surgery, depending on your needs and desired end result. Dr. David Ghozland performs both types of labiaplasty to help women accomplish their surgical goals.

The first type of procedure you may have read about is called the “wedge” procedure. A wedge labiaplasty has several specific purposes:

It is used to remove vaginal tissue that is wedged between the natural labial perimeter. With this technique, the results are very natural.
The wedge technique also leaves a less noticeable scar, a factor which may be important to some women.

The reason this approach is not a fit for every patient is that it only corrects a portion of the labia without actually addressing concerns about the appearance and coloration of the other areas of the labia, such as the outer edges. In addition, it will not correct concerns related to the shape and size of the clitoral hood.

The second technique is called the “trim” labiaplasty. For many years, this was the first choice for patients whose goal was to achieve cosmetic improvements of their labia. As the name suggests, this procedure is used to trim away excessive tissue from the labia. It also removes the inner labia edges to give the entire vaginal region a more youthful appearance. This technique can also address other concerns, such as:

Excessive labia tissue that causes pain during intercourse
Labia tissue that is visible while wearing swimwear
Labia tissue that causes discomfort during exercise or physical activity

So which option is best for you? That’s a decision that’s best left to you and your doctor. Patients trust Dr. Ghozland to discuss all of the pros and cons of each technique so that they can make an informed choice that will lead to an outcome they are happy with for years to come. Schedule your appointment today at our Los Angeles office by calling (310) 393–9359 or visiting our website.

Source : Trim vs. Wedge: Which Labiaplasty Technique is Right for You?

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