Now on Facebook and Instagram

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work for most of this year so you haven’t had much to read here. That will change a bit over the coming months as long-term projects come to fruition. To that end I realise I’ve been a bit remiss about maintaining all those social media thingies authors are supposed to have these days.

No more. You can now find an author’s page for me at Facebook. Please note this is just that — a page. I don’t have time to go into the whole thousands of friends stuff through a friend page. You will also find me on Instagram where I’ll be posting photos from time to time. And of course I’m already on Twitter and Medium.

There will some material that gets cross-posted such as photos and long blog posts between here and Medium. But mostly I’ll try to avoid the boring ‘chuck it everywhere and hope things stick’ routine. Things will be quiet on all fronts for a little while. A little while…

Originally published at David Hewson.

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