Create A List of Family and Friends Birthdays in Evernote

If you have a large family and an even greater circle of friends it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s birthdays. Let me show you how to create a list of family and friends birthdays in Evernote. Evernote is a wonderful tool to help you remember everything so what better way to never forget a birthday ever again.

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Let’s look at at how you can create a list of family and friends birthdays in Evernote so that you never forget.

There are three main functions of setting your birthday list up:

  1. Create a separate note for each birthday
  2. Create a master list of all birthdays
  3. Add the master list to your shortcuts

All of these steps are very easy to set up. Lets get started!

Create A List of Family and Friends Birthdays in Evernote

First off we will create a new Note for each family of friends birthday. I only have a small family so it was fairly quick for me to set up.

Start by creating a new Note. See the below image for how to set it up:

  1. The Note title will be the person’s name and the date of their birthday.
  2. Add a Tag called Birthdays.
  3. Set a reminder for the date of their birthday.
  4. In the body of the Note add any birthday gift ideas or dinner or party arrangements.

Follow the above steps for each family member or friends birthday.

As you have set a reminder for each birthday, Evernote will send you a notification on that person’s birthday.

Pro Tip: Set your device to allow notifications. An Alert banner notification will display on your device screen for when that birthday falls due.

Create a Master List in Evernote

Next, we will create a master list so that all birthdays are easily captured in one easy to find note. This is a useful note to check all birthdays at a quick glance.

To create a master last simply start a new note. Follow the steps in the below examples:

  1. Name this new note Birthday’s Master List or similar.
  2. Add a table of two columns and 12 rows. This is to create a month by month list for a year.
  3. Add the name of each month down the left hand column.
  4. Copy the ‘internal link’ of each of the notes you created earlier for each birthday. To do this simply right click on the desired note and select ‘copy internal link’.
  5. Paste the copied link in the right hand column for the month that applies for each birthday.

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