How Evernote Can Manage Files on External Hard Drives

If you have a large amount of digital files and content it can be hard to manage. If you have multiple external or portable hard drives it can be even harder to manage. In this post I will show you how Evernote can manage files on external hard drives.

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How Evernote Can Manage Files on External Hard Drives

We live in a digital world with nearly every conceivable form of content being available in a digital format.

I am a hoarder of the following types of digital files:

  • photos
  • ebooks
  • music
  • TV Shows
  • movies
  • invoices
  • receipts; and
  • recipes

The problem I faced was I had four external hard drives. I could never remember what was on each drive. The biggest problem I faced was with my extensive music collection.

Other than plugging each drive one by one into the computer to check the contents, I had no way of knowing at a quick glance what each one contained.

If I was out and about and I came across a music CD I wanted to buy I could not check my library as I would not carry my hard drives with me.

What did i do?

I used Evernote to create a list of the contents of each drive. The beauty of doing this in Evernote is that as your data is synced across all of your devices, you will always have this on hand wherever you are.

How To Set Evernote Up To Manage Your Hard Drives

The way I set Evernote up is likely to be different to you or anyone else, but it worked for me. Rather than create one Note for the entire hard drive where you would have all the different file formats listed in that Note I simply relied on Tags. For this example I will keep it brief and only talk about music, movies and TV Shows. This example is on the desktop version of Evernote.

The Tags I used are:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Hard Drive 1
  • Hard Drive 2
  • Hard Drive 3

We will come back to the tags shortly as they will prove to be useful.

Setting Up Your Notes

Start by creating a new Note for each hard drive. Make each Note about each different type of file content.

So if you have three hard drives with different types of files on each drive then set your notes up like the table example below:

  1. Name each Note according to the file content. I used a naming convention like that from the table below
  2. Add Tags according to file content and which hard drive it is on
  3. Add the name of the content in the body of the note. For example, add the name of the music artist for my music list

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