A Touchstone ABC

Accountability is strength — without it we are lost.

Be clear about what you are trying to do — even if we have to redefine it time and again along the way.

Create a strong team — avoid fancy titles.

Drink from the well of a spirituality that is authentic to you — or what you do will disappear.

Explain what you are about — in a language that does not assume your hearers have a knowledge of any christian vocabulary.

Forget about empire building, the Kingdom is different — stay focused.

Get out of jail — don’t be in hock to your building.

Hospitality has to be structured — it won’t “just happen”. Create your own feasts, rituals, quality not quantity.

Invest in external evaluation — it won’t happen if it is not in the budget.

Join in what you perceive God to be already doing in your place — you are not taking God into the city or wherever else!

Keep your eye on unexpected half-chances eg opportunities not on your check list — a basic principle of Christian mission.

Liturgy requires multidisciplinary skill, we have no room for solo performance or performers.

Make room for the lone voices at the table of decision making.

Noah had a great game plan and stuck to it through thick and thin … and then the rain stopped!

Omnium gatherum is not ecumenism.

Protect the Touchstone core values with everything you have.

Question everything with eye of a poet and the mind of sceptic.

Rituals are too important to be left to individuals — they will become the bed rock, the punctuation of any successful project.

Share hopes and fears in a structured but relaxed way.

Teams however small require external advice — investing will pay dividends.

Underline you key tasks/purposes each year, monitor the change, it can be litmus — revelation.

Verify what you are doing and allowing outsiders to share in the knowledge base of the project.

Whistle — make time to do ‘out of character’ things together.

Xylophone — makes its music by being hit — do not ignore the significance of the pain of being part of this project.

Yes. Make every ‘no’ a stepping stone toward a Yes.

Zzzzz learn to rest before you are exhausted.