What Does Business Storytelling Strategy Look Like?

The 2015 Content Marketing Institute Survey clearly highlights the pain of not having a documented strategy to deliver effective storytelling. Regardless of B2B or B2C, we marketer’s are on the hook to put strategy into our content marketing.

But what does a content strategy look like? How does it relate to a marketing strategy? How do you know you have it? Here’s a quick summary of what it looks like:

You know you have it when you use “outside-in story marketing” with every piece of content.

Outside-in story marketing only starts with:

  1. Capturing the Story Person: a real external business person(s)
  2. Capturing the Story Purpose: a realistic business situation(s)
  3. Capturing the Story Program: a targeted, realistic story scenario(s)
“no marketing-speak or product-speak allowed in outside-in marketing”
You know you have it when you can see the strategy with every piece of content (i.e. post, blog, video, image, presentation). You can read a blog, gaze at an image, and watch a video and see:
  1. The story person
  2. The story person’s need/interest
  3. The story person’s desired answer
  4. The story person’s emotion/actions
  5. The story person’s alternatives
  6. The story person’s time/place
  7. The story person’s messaging
You know it is a brilliant Business Storytelling Strategy when you have all of the above and everyone:
  • In marketing, sales, and your company sees it too!
  • Uses it in creating, producing, and measuring their content marketing
  • Can understand clearly the right audience for campaigns, conversations, and social media
When done right you see the same person, purpose, and program in every piece of content. The different pieces of content are complimenting each other, telling the same story. It’s kind of like a marketing campaign but for each story.
“A Business Storytelling Strategy creates a business person’s story from the point-of-view of the external person and is developed with relevant, compelling content.”

So where does this all this fit with your marketing strategy? The marketing strategy owns the overall game plan to increase the number and quality of marketing qualified leads. The marketing team’s assignment is to continuously align marketing strategy with business storytelling strategy and execution.

I hope this helps you see your business storytelling strategy. Our company, iPositioning, is devoted to helping outside-in marketers put business storytelling strategy into their content marketing.
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