20 Yummy Bakery Logos — Tickle your Sweet Tooth!

Bakery products are popular with everyone especially when it comes to enjoying a party at home or in an event. This business always makes huge profits. Therefore, competition in this industry becomes tougher by each passing day. To keep people flocking to your baker shop and business, you need a bakery logo that sends a message to the customers about your business values.

One of the main function of bakery logos is to attract your consumers and draw them to your business. Since many other established and new bakery companies, small and big, are competing to grab customers’ attention, a well crafted bakery logo design helps you in having an edge over others. People get first impression about your company’s services and products by glancing at your logo.

If your corner bakery shop displays an impressive and catchy logo, it will draw attention of the people passing by immediately. Many of these people on the street may think of stopping by your shop and buying your bakery products. However, if your logo is not attractive enough, then you may find your business struggling to garner a solid customer base. In fact, bakery logos work as your efficient marketing tool. If you have designed this tool in a thoughtful manner, then it will help in bringing customers to your shops.

When creating your bakery logo as a graphic designer, focus on selecting the fonts and colors that are associated with entertainment, enjoying parties and light mood. Pink is one such color that represents soft emotions. Similarly, your choice of fonts must keep the mood of festivity in mind. This means that formal fonts should be avoided and instead hand written typefaces are good choices. 
For your inspiration as a logo designer and as a bakery business owner, we give you a list of top bakery logos. Study these logos ensure that you create your own logos like them.

1. Sweet Bakes

2. Chee Bonnet

3. Blue Bow

4. Bake My Day

5. Mr Pisa

6. Sweet Dreams

7. Cake Me Away

8. Elavidia’s

9. Decadence

10. Sweetie Cakes

11. A Party for One

12. Sinful Edibles

13. Sweet and Sassy

14. Cakewalk

15. Sweetooth

16. Buttercupp

17. Sweet Infusion

18. Sweet Treats

19. Cake Pops

20. Greenock

These are remarkable bakery logos as they are a perfect design in terms of choice of colors, fonts, images and other elements. Your baker business can benefit a lot from such excellently designed logos.

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