Balancing Act: How to Make it to the Top and Have a Life Outside of Work

David Pereira
Nov 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Many professionals feel torn between focusing on their career and living a personal life worth their while. You may think that reaching the top rung on the ladder of success requires you to sacrifice a healthy, balanced life outside of work. However, when you incorporate the right strategy, you may be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. This guide below will walk you through how you can balance a happy life on top of a successful job.

Mix Business and Pleasure

Work meetings don’t have to be high-pressure, stressful situations. Depending on the niche or industry in which you work, you can find great ways to mix business with pleasure in a positive sense. For example, a common business deal between partners is finalized on the golf course. Golf is a leisurely sport that’s often connected with business meetings and deals. While golf is just one example of incorporating personal life into business, you do not have to feel obligated to host business meetings and deals in the office.

Create a Thoughtful Schedule

While networking is a major tool to increasing your professional opportunities, you also have nurture your personal relationships. To properly tend to relationships in your personal life, you must invest in those who matter to you. Quality time whether that be in person or over the phone is a great way to make someone in your life feel cared about. Spending quality time with your family and friends is important. It’s a common misconception that successful CEOs sacrifice their family time. However, giving time and attention to your family and loved ones is imperative to your relationships with them.

Find Pleasure and Positivity in the Little Things

Having a personal life requires attention to self-care– your own health and well-being. Working extensive hours can easily make you stressed and unhappy. This is how people reach a point of burnout. While it may not be feasible to cut back on work hours, you can incorporate personal time and relaxation into your work day.

For example, you can pick up a hobby such as medication. Even taking five to ten minutes in a quiet room can bring your focus back in from the distractions of stress and work life. On your way to work each morning, avoid paying attention to the traffic. Instead, focus your attention on how beautiful the sunrise is or little things you appreciate in life. Finding pleasure in small things all around you can change your entire outlook on life.

While some people struggle to balance their work and personal lives, you can see that it is manageable. Having a solid plan on how much time and effort your are investing in both your work and personal life will give you an idea of where your valued time should be spent. Adopting these tips into your life may help you to find the balance that you seek.

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