Habits of Successful Leaders in Business

David Pereira
Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read
Habits of Successful Leaders in Business | David Pereira

You’re most likely aware that there’s a big different than your average person and a leader. There are tons of blogs out there on how to be a successful person, motivating people to become a “morning person” and tips on how to be more genuine. While those self-help blogs are critical to personal growth, they only breach the surface of leadership. Let’s dive deeper to discuss habits of successful leaders in a world where business runs at high stakes.


This one can be extremely difficult to nail. Confidence is a key element in leadership, as no one wants to trust someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. However, what makes confidence hard to compose is a little thing called ego. Often people in leadership gain big heads and become “monster bosses” rather than actual leaders. This form of toxicity is unwelcomed in the workplace.

Attention to Detail

As a leader it’s your job to oversee the big picture. However, it’s also your job to check the smaller details that make up the larger picture. While it’s critical that you don’t micromanage your team, if a project fails because someone missed a smaller detail, the entire thing will ultimately fall upon you.


Being able to communicate is the number one essential element among all leaders. To be a leader you need to inform and guide, in order to do that it requires strong communication skills. A great communicator is one who provides direction and inspiration among their audience. Great leaders earn respect from their audience through effective communication


It’s not always a bright and sunny world as a leader. Having courage to do the right thing, say the right thing, and even step out of your comfort zone to do something no one else has is a daunting task, but vital in leadership. Leaders are innovators, and therefore need to have courage to follow their ideas and skills.


The Golden Rule states “Treat others how you want to be treated.” In order to earn respect from others, you must give respect to others. Successful leaders are capable of respecting their mentors, but also their team.


Any leader that lacks passion will burn out. Successful leaders love what they do. If a leader doesn’t love something they do, they’ll work towards achieving goals that will make them happier in their career. Leaders don’t stop with mediocrity. Leaders follow their passion.

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