Styles of Innovative Leadership

David Pereira
Jan 9, 2018 · 3 min read
Styles of Innovative Leadership | David Pereira

Leadership is a keyword in business jargon. The qualities and skill sets of leaders a often looked at and analyzed in order to be replicated throughout future leaders. One of the biggest qualities to stand out among leaders is innovation. The definition of innovation according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary is: the introduction of something new; a new method, idea, or device.

An innovative individual is one who can create a vision and run it through to a means of success. Just like there are numerous styles of general leadership, you can find various styles to innovative leadership. This short list below will walk you through some of the most common, but most important styles of innovative leaders.

The Go-Getter

Innovation takes motivation and drive in order to create something and follow through with it. The “Go-Getter” leader is one we come across often. A go-getter is a leader that will stop at nothing until they’ve reached what they’ve been working to accomplish. This leader is one who keeps their schedule packed with daily tasks. Saying “no” is not part of their lingo and you can often mistake them for a workaholic. A go-getting leader is one who doesn’t stop until their job is done.

The Problem Solver

In any position of leadership, problems are brought to attention. The “Problem Solver” is a leader who thrives on creating a solution. It takes proactive measures to solve problems and these innovative leaders have the best strategies to find resolutions. Often problem solvers are great communicators in order to direct and assist the team as they are working through the situations.

The Networker

We all know that leader who has connections everywhere they go. This is a surefire sign of an innovative leader. Networkers are people who know how to talk with others in a way that forms a connection with trust. Creating connections and using connections is what networking is all about. Leaders who can network are vital to an incorporation or business. Having connections is what takes a business to the next level. It’s always good to know someone.

The Creative

Innovation is a special form of creativity. Therefore, in leadership you always have that one leader who is capable of thinking creatively, in order to come up with the best ideas. The “Creative” is a leader who either comes up with creative ideas or even creative devices for the business. This style of leadership requires stepping outside of the box and forming new tactics, strategies and more.

While there are plenty of styles to leadership everywhere you look, innovation is one form that every leader needs. The ability to create new ideas and think creatively inside any business is vital to guiding any business towards success. So, are you an innovative leader?

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