David Potgieter
Mar 18, 2017 · Unlisted

Kartweel Insider

Genre: Black-Metal, Metal, Death Metal
São Paulo Brazil

We say Brazil, and you immediately think Sepultura, Angra, or even Volcano: it’s no surprise that South America’s biggest country regularly delivers some of the world’s biggest metal bands.

If you’re not a fan yet, let us introduce you to ThemalefiK: definitely one of the more heavier and darker bands to step from the shadows in the Brazilian metal scene.

Current members as per their last work and single “Against the Nazarene” (video below), are Claudio Monteiro (vocals), Francisco Monteiro (Guitar and Vocals), Fernando Trops (Drums) and Fabio Falco (Bass). Claudio also oversaw the recording and mixing.

ThemalefiK was formed by Claudio in 1993. At a young age, he listened to a lot of heavy metal coming from the United States and Europe, and found it comparable to the music being produced in Brazil at the time.

With an affinity to Death- and Black-Metal, Claudio realised that this was the genre where he would like lay his musical roots in. After inviting some friends to join ThemalefiK, they have been going strong for more than 23 years of brutal metal.

Definitely on the darker side of the spectrum, they see describe their sound as such:

We are a band of extreme music, death metal, black metal and everything that is wrong, new and old in the world, and we will expose this in our lyrics.

It seems to be a sensitive topic when broaching what life is like as a Brazilian band, with limited resources and opportunities, but the band seems positive in their outlook, with plans to play shows in Europe and the U.S. Claudio alluded to a few beautiful projects in the pipeline for this year with the band definitely seeking new horizons outside of Brazil.

The music for us is something like a manifestation of our thoughts and intellect; something for the world to share, to donate to, to interact with, and to invest your thoughts in.

We’re really excited to work with ThemalefiK on their expansion to other territories, and feel that Kartweel will be a great tool for them. They joined the insider program, and we implore you to become more acquainted with them on their channels below.

Keen to be an insider too? Check out our Kartweel Insider program and get your first year for free!

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