The Only People Who Still Believe In Russiagate Are Those Who Desperately Need To
Caitlin Johnstone

It seems Mueller will most definitely be indicting Manafort and Flynn, potentially others. You’re whole premise for writing this piece is off by that fact alone. You’re positions aren’t even real positions, they’re just slurs at individuals who don’t call the news “fake” every 5 minutes. You even misunderstand the framing of the collusion allegations. Yet, you’ve magically shit all over something that doesn’t even exist as a legitimate story. You developed this straw-man argument by positioning the president as a paradox. Essentially, he is both stupid and smart. You’re argument is this cannot be true, thus this argument of Russiagate cannot be true. You seem to derive that out of thin air, based solely on the paradox. However, he can be both stupid and collude, there are no laws of physics denying this from happening. In fact, as an idiot, he is more likely to do something incredibly stupid like collude with a foreign power and not realize the magnitude of his transgressions. Honestly, the fact that you have +4K claps just makes everyone else that liked this a sycophant. You’re joining in on a crowed market. Fox News, InfoWars, Breitbart, and many others could use your misconstrued logic to argue a point that doesn’t need arguing…because it’s so hard to be against it…because it’s such bullshit.

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