How to CPU mine DigiByte with your Rock64 - v2/v3

David Leonard
May 7 · 9 min read
The Rock64 has a Quad-Core ARM Cortex a53 64-bit that you could easily be used to catch few more $DGB

CPU mining are you serious?

The Rock64 grabbed few shares and is running actually at about 2,45 MH/s with skein algo

How to buy the right hardware?

Let’s begin

Choose the desktop edition if you like to connect graphically to your Rock64

Booting up your Rock64

The wallpaper of your OS

Time to connect your Rock64 through an SSH connection

Output for ifconfig
First SSH Connexion to the Rock64

How to manage your Rock64 remotely with a graphical interface?

Increasing the Swap Space

9GB Swap Space, more than what we need :)

Make it mine !

Downloading the cpuminer we’ll use

CPU mining on a Pool

Configuring the miner

Running your miner

After few instants you should already see some shares accepted

Overclocking the Rock64

Actually this Rock64 can go up to 1.30GHz
Now the Rock64 can run at 1.51GHz
You can directly notice the bump in KH/s (about 15% more hashes)
Rock’s available scaling frequencies

Check the temperature of your Rock64

87.7°C is too hot for you CPU, you better aim for 79°C max

Graphically monitor your Rock64 with SSH and s-tui

Too bad the Rock64 has no Power sensor

Make your CPUminer restart automatically after a reboot

The service file has been created in your home folder
The file should be displayed here

Adapt your to start the cpuminer few minutes after the reboot

The cpuminer.service is active and running, in 15 minutes the cpuminer will start


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