Your Optimism is Slowly Killing You & How to Stop It.

Be a Realist and Seek the Truth.

For years, I was an optimist.

Whether it was the external world or my internal feelings, I always looked towards the brightness, even if the darkness had something to teach me.

Optimism was destroying me, because too much optimism carried me further away from reality.

Looking back, I wanted to be happy and I thought being happy meant twisting the truth into rainbows and butterflies.

Of course, optimism isn’t a bad thing. Comparatively, it’s much more useful than pessimism. Having some optimism is necessary for living a happy life.

However, I realized happiness is found not by lying to oneself, but in accepting what is.

So, I’ve traded in my optimism for the truth.

That’s why, now, I’m a realist.

The realist, instead of bending the truth to meet his beliefs, bends his beliefs to meet the truth.

The realist keeps her optimism in check by asking questions like:

What is actually true?
What is the reality of the situation?

The realist always goes into battle knowing the full reality. She does not sugarcoat her shortcomings, but accounts for them instead. She accepts her situation with the truth then takes every step along the path with the truth.

Being a realist and seeking the truth isn’t always the easiest thing to do, because the truth is constantly changing. Knowing the reality of ones own situation requires a deep knowing of oneself, vulnerable levels of honesty, and a constant checking-in.

Through all the vicissitudes of life, being a realist has helped me to see both the highs and lows as impermanent.

Instead of seeking brightness, I enjoy the good times with a grain of salt. Instead of running from darkness, I peer into it with curiosity.

Between the light and dark, I’ve found that happiness is a shade of grey much more enduring than any light could ever bring or any darkness could ever squander.

May we all walk this path together.


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