1982, New York City. I walked onto the trading floor of Salomon Brothers for my first day as a five- month trainee in their Sales and Trading Program. I was one of 128 trainees. Wall Street could not hire fast enough. It was the place to be, and everyone knew it. Books were written about that time. Tom Wolfe sat on Salomon’s trading floor for several months as background for Bonfire of the Vanities, and Michael Lewis began his career there. Every day I exited the elevator and walked through the reception and up onto the elevated trading floor, I…

It’s funny the path fate takes. I spent 25 years on Wall Street. My finale was at 30 Rockefeller Center as CEO of a significant global trading business. And here I am now in an entirely different world — the beauty industry. I own one suit, and it stays in my closet. I don shorts and a t-shirt for work, drop my daughter off at school every morning, and take our dog with me to the office. And guess what? I’m having a blast once again!

While the clothes and office are different, the requirements for success remain the same…

David Tashjian

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