Why Messaging Bots Won’t Replace Apps
Tomaž Štolfa

I do agree here — but I would go further and state that nothing has changed. There’s not much more value here than a push notification. The only way I see myself “consuming” these conversational services is through voice. Whilst typing to someone and getting a conversational & contextualised response is novel, it gets pretty boring and I would argue is pretty useless. The power comes when Apple and other players like Google (in their case very soon) announce they are open sourcing their voice recognition APIs for developers. Imagine as a developer being able to tap into Siri and returning specific content in that context for your users. THAT is where content gets consumed vastly different, THAT is when we change the way we interact with our devices and THAT is where the future is going. What Facebook announced today I would argue is just a PR stunt. Whilst large companies will jump on the bandwagon and adopt the technology, it doesn’t fundamentally change anything about how we go about living. Voice recognition on a grander scale will I believe…and when it is bolted onto conversational bots and their capability…then we are cooking on gas!

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