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Our New ‘Smashing’ Tennis Website is Live

Tennis? I hear you ask. iOS? That’s surely been done before. Well, not like this it hasn’t. *Activate sales mode*

Whilst ramping up development of our new iOS tennis app (did we mention it’s for tennis lovers / players / watchers on iOS?), we have finally got around to modifying our website so that we can showcase what we are trying to achieve in the world of tennis & tech.

Do sneak a peek over at & leave a comment below to tell us how awful you think it is. Seriously though, do be constructive and let us know how we can improve on the existing style & do advise if our message, our app’s offering or anything else could be made any clearer. Do also take the opportunity to tell us what you do like, if you’re a “glass-half-full” kind of kid, like this little Djoker:

No Djoke, I‘m still being bottle fed…

If you are interested in our project and love playing the game of tennis, we would of course love it if you decide to leave an email behind on our page so we can keep you informed of developments. Who knows, maybe we’ll even invite you to beta test the product, weeks in advance of anyone else. Totally worth it, right?

We’ll also definitively be offering special early subscribers a nice rosy discount on our premium subscription as soon as the app is released. That is of course dependent upon you providing us with one of your ‘spam’ account addresses. We won’t spam you though, trust. It’s just we know…your email address is precious…we get that!

That said, if you want to say hi, you can contact me directly via I’ll be sure to respond to each and every person/bot/troll that makes their way into my inbox. Promise.

On to more serious note though, what can you expect from this page in the coming weeks? Well we’ve pulled together a list of future posts & topics we will be looking to cover off:

  1. Full Feature & Functionality List
  2. Apple Watch — Your Real Tennis Partner
  3. Apple iPhone — How To Score Matches In-Game
  4. Building on iOS — Hiring Developers & Tips
  5. User Testing on iOS — Lessons Learnt
  6. Releasing on iOS — Release Results
  7. User Reviews — Beauty & The Beast
  8. Version 2 — Feature List & PUBLIC VOTE!

Let us know also if you want us to add anything else to that list. We have big ears. Hopefully we’ll hear your feedback soon. Over & out…

David @

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