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  1. He is spamming lawsuits. The Hogan suit is just one.
  2. Champerty used to be illegal. Even though it isn’t anymore, Thiel is violating certain valuable norms.
  3. You’re also misunderstanding the likely purpose of these suits. Thiel hasn’t definitively “won” yet, as Gawker hasn’t had to pay Hogan. The point isn’t to win, but to force Gawker to mount an expensive defense, and if he wins one along the way, even better. Thiel wins just by getting a court to consider the claims.
  4. There’s a lot of evidence this particular court in Pinellas was the perfect venue for Hogan, and that its outcome is extremely unlikely to hold up.
  5. Just because Thiel didn’t trumpet that he was gay didn’t mean it was a secret. Consider how Owen Thomas might have found out in the first place.
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