Nunchakus for police. Facebook’s 2G gimmick.

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Photo by Steve Janosik, cc-licensed

REI is closing on Black Friday, which might be the kind of snake-eating-its-own-tail marketing stunt that actually works. Marketing, you ask? Yes, marketing. The company’s initiative to pay employees to stay home on one of the year’s biggest retail days is being #branded with the tagline #OptOutside. Congratulations are in order to REI executives for staying on-#brand and coming up with a selling point for closing on #BlackFriday while simultaneously doing their employees a solid. They’ve got a long way to go to match Chick-fil-A’s “Closed on Sunday” gambit, but then again, no one has ever matched that one. — USA Today

The town of Anderson, California, has given nunchakus (you know, Michelangelo’s weapons) to police. Essentially, the thinking is that they could be more versatile than the traditional baton. From this vantage point, encouraging police to use anything less lethal than firearms is A Good Thing and well worth encouraging. But we’ll see! — Los Angeles Times

More Bond lip-dubs at Mashable.

Great moments in serious-topic headline writing: “As large animals disappear, the loss of their poop hurts the planet”. — Washington Post

There’s a bot that purports to judge how “good” your selfie is. Commence gaming the system. — The Cut

Come for the crap history proffered by Rand Paul, stay for the reporters’ mic drop at the end. — BuzzFeed

Facebook’s new gimmick: Give employees 2G speeds on Tuesdays so they better understand emerging markets. Just like the New York Times killed the desktop version of its web site so that employees could understand that mobile is important. Because they just… won’t… understand… otherwise. — Business Insider