Siri pushes Apple Music. Time to feel guiltier about eating red meat.

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All you Apple fanboys/fangirls ought to try asking Siri, “What’s the most popular song in the U.S. today?” It — yes, it, not she — won’t tell you because Apple wants you to pay for Apple Music and this is a way for the company to tell you so. It also betrays a fundamental arrogance (perhaps warranted!), that you, Apple consumer, won’t view this as a betrayal of the understanding between producer and buyer/user, but rather will slough it off as a mere misstep that, ultimately, doesn’t do much to chip away at your faith in Apple as the type of company that makes awesome stuff that you love to use. Alternatively, you could view this as an indication that Apple wants to make stuff that’s awesome to use because then you’ll grow an affinity for the brand, which will then outweigh any seemingly minor concerns you might have about what the company’s products actually do. — Business Insider

Here’s a story about how the Khan Academy guy wants to re-imagine public schools. Yes, his “lab school” is less expensive than private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that’s because private schools (usually) charge so much because you’re paying for more than the sheer education. The big problem is this guy thinks what he’s selling can change the world of education when, in reality, the biggest problems are A) poverty and B) short of bringing families out of poverty, figuring out the magic trick of helping adults in a family to buy in to a school’s mission in the first place. If children have to deal with poverty, of course school is going to be harder, and if parents don’t really care about and prioritize school, it makes it that much harder for their kids to do it. I’m constantly annoyed by these people who are trying to “fix” schools that don’t need fixing. Instead, policies that tie local school funding to property values and policies that keep poor people poor are what screw kids in the end, not pedagogy. (Adapted from a Facebook comment.)— Wired

You already knew you should eat less meat. Do it. It’s okay. You’ll miss steak less than you think. — The Guardian

Paul Ryan is not a RINO, no matter what conservative pundits try to say. Ultimately, the American right wing has a “No True Scotsman” problem. — The Daily Beast

The University of Mississippi recognized that the Mississippi state flag has a racist symbol on it. Good! Next up: The athletic teams’ nickname is the Rebels. Wonder what the reference is… — Associated Press

We’d believe any story about the CIA at this point, right? Like, the agency using Christian missionaries to spy in North Korea seems like a monumentally bad idea that the CIA would still do? — The Intercept

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