The whole episode will have no impact on any other publisher you know and Peter will never launch another volley of anonymous lawsuit against a publisher again.
The Stunning and Expected End of Gawker

This is a terribly naive statement. What happens if the Fertittas want to put some mid-level MMA site out of business with frivolous lawsuits? What happens if the Kochs want to stick it to Mother Jones? What happens if some unknown billionaire decides the world would be a better place without RedState and found pretext after pretext to sue sue sue sue sue and sue some more? Yeah, it’s not me, and none of THOSE publications “really matter”, right?

You’ve deeply underestimated the power of Peter Thiel demonstrating this avenue of fighting against a publisher he doesn’t like, and this post only serves to normalize it by writing it off as anomalous.

The great irony is that the man has billions of dollars. No one can touch him! That’s the whole point of having billions of dollars! He can do whatever he wants and the rest of the world can go to hell! But no, his feelings were hurt that someone publicized a fact about him — a public figure — that wasn’t a secret.

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