SLC (Boot Camp) — of coconuts and omelettes.

Did you ever peel and pick at a scab as a child? Mindful of the pain but still thinking it was worth that sweet sensation smack dab between pain and pleasure? Or perhaps as a child tirelessly pounded away (with many failed attempts) at a coconut mum brought home, for the sweet white scrapes and (not really that much) water within? So far the Andela Boot camp evokes these analogies in my mind; of discomfort and toil suffered only by a person who knows what they are worth.

Like dicing onions with watery eyes, while focusing on that juicy omelette you will have as a reward, this is the chant i shall have in my mind: TIA! (at the risk of misusing this (seemingly) beloved phrase.)

So when I find myself trekking (under sadist sun and sudden rain) around the city for a place with reliable UMEME and network, or running from a possible thief on my way home from said trekking(dragging feet really.), in my mind i shall chant TIA!. Or if i find myself gaining weight from a fortnight long diet of Rolex and caffeine(read as coca-cola and energy drinks) and angry at my phone for waking me up 2h after i slept, still I shall chant (in my mind) TIA!

The joy of seeing one test case pass after 18 billion tries (slight exaggeration, it’s more like 19trillion), of finally understanding a concept is worth it. All the experiences and failures and triumphs and teamwork and frustrations are worth the experience cause it’s made me a better developer (and perhaps more importantly, person). This is my experience so far.

PS: Eating a watch (Rolex) is something only someone from my part of the world can understand. (just in case someone thought i come from a civilization that subsists on overly-priced, hand crafted luxury timepieces.)