The UFC Has Lost its Soul
Jeremy Botter

What’s worse than these changes, an obvious casualty of the “corporatization” of the UFC, is that in the same year, the UFC has allowed the unique situation of one megastar — Conor — to influence it’s decision-making regarding fight match-making, and abandoning the “best have to fight the best” rankings-based model way too much… that I believe has bitten them in the butt hard with us — their hardcore fanbase. They may have thought that growing worldwide with casual fans was more important but maybe they have overestimated the cost benefit of sacrificing fights based on merit for fights based on hype and publicity. The same goes for the actual fighters — the UFC has let some leave way too easily to Bellator in a year where they don’t actually have many big draws and this threatens to continue to hurt them not just in 2017 but also in 2018. Conor is the canary not the norm… you don’t use that same model for the rest of the organization. UFC needs to get back to what brought them here and give deserving contenders their due and their share of the spotlight. And a fighter’s union, no matter how long it takes to come to fruition is a must for fighters to ever be properly compensated for what they risk in that cage.

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