Hello developers! As you may know, we’ve recently released the brand new Monaca Cloud IDE. Today, we are going to show you what is great about and how you can make the most out of it!

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The new Monaca Cloud IDE

We have worked for months on this to offer a better development experience. The most important improvements are the followings:

  1. Integrated Terminal: the embedded terminal with transpiling & hot-reloading support
  2. Flexible Golden Layout: personalize IDE’s interface as you like
  3. Multiple Previewers: speed up testing
  4. Monaco Editor: new and improved code editor

1. Integrated Terminal

We are very excited to to release this new addition to Monaca Cloud IDE. With Integrated Terminal, Monaca Cloud IDE now supports the highly coveted transpiling feature. …

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Hello, developers! In this story we will show you a new tool for Vue.js developers called Vetur. We will see how this tool works using two different frameworks: Onsen UI (a beautiful HTML5 hybrid mobile app frameworks) and Element UI (a desktop UI library with many Vue 2.0 based components). Vetur currently supports just both JavaScript libraries.

What is Vetur?

Vetur is a new Vue tooling for Visual Studio Code. …

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