Photo: David Phillips
Photo: David Phillips
Photo: David Phillips

The final hurdle to becoming an attorney in California (or anywhere) is passing the bar exam.

Here are some bits of wisdom that will give you strength along your perilous journey. (I am a reliable source. I failed the exam the first time, and passed it the second.)

In 2013, Kobe Bryant tore his left Achilles tendon. After extensive rehab, he returned in 2014 and struggled through two more NBA seasons; he couldn’t elevate over defenders on his fade away jump shot; nor could he blow past them off the dribble. [1] Thus, his field goal percentages were horrendous. (.373 in 14–15, and .358 in 15–16.) For reference, the season before he injured his Achilles his field goal percentage was .463.[2]

Despite his new athletic limitations, Kobe refused to change his style of play. He was a man chasing his past self, and needed every loss in order…

David Phillips

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