Britain messes up and kills the future for its young people

After the incredibly stupid British referendum on staying in Europe or leaving Europe I am deeply disappointed. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be British and to be nominally part of the country that proved itself to be so stupid. For myself it doesn’t matter too much, as I live in Spain. Next week I will be going to the offices to change my nationality from British to Spanish. With a small part of sadness I’ll be happy to wave goodbye to being British. Just talking to people today who have said they’ve been in tears because of this terrible news. I haven’t started crying, myself, but I am incredibly sad for Europe and angry at the idiots in Britain who voted the way they did.

The vote was close in terms of percentage and all it does is to show a highly divided country. When the politicians designed the vote they should have stated at the outset that either side would have to get at least 60% to have a proper majority. None of that really matters now — Britain has made its bed and will now have to lie in it! Britain might even have to suffer the idiot Boris Johnson as a Prime Minister. Although, on the BBC News it showed he needed to have a police escort out of his house as protesters shouted “Shame on you Boris!” Now that David Cameron is going, Britain is to get a new leader. I hope the populace punish Boris Johnson by not voting for him. It will be the Conservative party who chooses who will be their next Prime Minister and the country won’t have much of a say. Until the next elections, at any rate.

An uncertain future for Britain and the British people

The currency has already dropped to the lowest it’s ever been since 1985. Millions of pounds have been lost from shares. Many companies based in the UK are already contemplating moving their headquarters somewhere else. The European Parliament have said they want to get the negotiations finished and get rid of Britain sooner rather than later. They want to avoid uncertainty for Europe, so the sooner it’s done the better. It will take a very long time for Britain to renegotiate trade with the huge trading partner they just lost access to. Importing and exporting is going to cost more which will increase the cost of doing business for Britain. There will be extra, more complicated paperwork to do business in Europe. Trade agreements with the rest of the world previously taken care of by Europe will have to be renegotiated. I doubt if Britain has the capabilities ready to do all of this organisation in a timely fashion. Whichever way you look at this idiotic decision by the British people it’s going to be bad for Britain and bad for Europe. They have no choice now but to get on with it.

I’m all right Jack!

This week I will be going into the offices here in Spain to change my nationality. I’ve been here in Spain long enough that it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll be able to have a European passport and stick two fingers up to the country I’m now happy to disown.

The old people of Britain are irresponsible

It was largely the older generation who voted to leave. In the statistics it showed clearly that older people voted that way. These statistics also showed that young people voted to remain in Europe. The huge downturn will be suffered by everybody for 10 or 20 years, or more and many who voted for Leave will never see it get better. They will be long dead and it’ll be the younger generation having to put things right. The young people of Britain will be cursing the daft old gits for many years to come. All of those people who voted for leaving Europe should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

The uneducated masses

There is a large uneducated mass of people in the UK and this vote for leaving Europe has proved the point. These are the people who believe what they read in the right-wing newspapers. The newspapers don’t really care, all they’re concerned about is selling more newspapers. These media outlets are largely run and owned by people whose only concern is to feather their nest and get richer. The poor people have been consistently lied to and it will be the poor people who have to pay the cost of this terrible mistake. It is telling in the statistics for the voting the large towns with universities voted to remain in the EU. This is obviously where you have concentrations of better educated, more intelligent people. The anti-intellectualism you see displayed by the sort of people who voted to leave is an embarrassment for Britain.

Just have to get on with it

I have seen from comments within my family as well as comments in general that the British stoicism will now — ‘just get on with it and make the best of a bad situation’. It’s been said that the decision is irreversible and it would be right for Europe to never want to let Britain back into the European club again. In the long term I do hope future generations can tighten European community again. I’d like to see this British sort of nationalism and patriotism put to one side where we can have a humanist approach to living together on this spinning rock in space.

Immigration and xenophobia

I’d like to see an end of the xenophobia displayed by far too many British people during this European referendum campaign. We are all humans trying to make our way the world. I can understand the fear in ideologies being brought in by people from other countries, for instance Islam. It is education and not isolationism that will make things better. There is a terrorist threat and much of it coming from this backward Stone Age way of living. Islam is a violent philosophy as is proved by the words in their magic book. Violence is also proved in their actions when they follow the ideology to the letter. The immigration policies of Europe have made mistakes by allowing Islam to grow in places where it shouldn’t. Despite this, leaving Europe is still a bad solution for Britain. Immigration will still happen and there will still be an Islamist, jihadist, terrorist problem to deal with. Now Britain will have to deal with it on it’s own without being part of a larger integrated Europe. It’s a sad day for Britain, Europe and the world. Shame on the people who voted leave.