Tempo Newsletter #5 — August 5 2016

Keeping in time

This is a regular newsletter of what I’ve seen in people management, human performance and business that was interesting.

Industry news

Professional and Olympic Sport is one of the most fertile petri dishes in modern organizational performance — Expect a flood of publicity on winning performance, technology and leadership innovations in addition to all the doping scandal following the 2016 Summer Olympics happening this month

Google’s head of Corporate Development — overseeing the largest acquisition engine in business today — shares his M&A POV at a recent conference here

A Robotics first in working with/substituting for a highly skilled workforce? IBM’s Watson AI credited with key role in Leukemia diagnosis in Japan here

Uk Company CO-OP’s CEO pay proposal volunteers a 60% pay cut here

USA job market growth this quarter is ahead of expectations — commentary here

OECD study on productivity shows some of the world’s most productive countries also have the shortest work days here — lets work that problem more please!

Google’s CHRO steps down after 10+ year tenure that has built a world class employer and personal brand. Successor is an SVP of Sales at Google. here

The Washington Post shares insights on how Uber’s M&A deal with Didi required special talent and leadership in the form of its ‘China advisors’ — learn more about the power of their network here

Blog posts, podcasts and publications

The Cranfield School of Innovation share insights on high performing teams from the last big Olympic organization culture success story — British Cycling - here

Kleiner Perkins interview with Bill Campbell on his coaching approach with Steve Jobs and the Google senior team here

Jeremiah Owyang (entrepreneur) writes on ten approaches to organization models for corporate innovation here

IBM shares an interview on talent analytics with Johnson & Johnson’s CHRO here

Altschool share a case study of Google’s approach to performance management and compensation being adapted to a smaller organization here

NY Times takes on the strategy idea that there can be an Uber of anything here

Workday share an interview with Josh Bersin on 2 main drivers to replace your HR Technology platform here

Statistics and results

M&A integration Survey on Human Capital success factors here

Deloitte research on Talent Analytics adoption rates here

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