Tempo Newsletter #7–21 August 2016

Keeping in time

This is a regular newsletter of what I’ve seen in people management, human performance and business that was interesting

Industry news

Viacom CEO resigns with a $72m pay off after making an estimated $409m in executive compensation since appointment in 2006. This resolves a long running shareholder dispute. He was succeeded by his right hand man. Details here

Cisco will lay off 5,500 roles as it attempts to shift emphasis towards software— a trend across hardware companies according to Fortune. details here

KPMG launches pilot in India to change its performance management system. details here

Amazon building up to changing its benefits plans for a diverse workforce — driven in part by a need to address its bad press on its workplace culture. Details here

Facebook’s points system for diversity may not be making the desired impact. Details here (behind WSJ’s pay wall)

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt is changing the performance management system (see here) and teaching all its new hires to code (see here)

Marc Lepore — Acquired CEO of Jet.com — writes in Fortune on the opportunity from the recent acquisition by Walmart here

Blog posts, podcasts and publications

Chris Dixon (Partner at Andreessen Horowitz) shares some insight into the shape of today’s internet economy here

Bersin by Deloitte provides a macro level analysis on the growth of people analytics and the major trends here

David Green provides a micro level set of case studies (20 in all) of use of people analytics in major companies here

Stanford Business School provide a POV on how to build an effective executive board here

Fast Company shares an POV from Google on hiring software engineers — one of the most expensive talent groups today here

New research from MIT and Northwestern University on success and failure factors of corporate diversity practices. Summary here

MIT Sloan school of management offers some insights into how workplace automation affects job creation. Details here

Statistics and results

Bersin shares a benchmark report on corporate learning trends (including spending) here

HR Zone collated a large set of research on employee engagement here

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