Love and Resistance
umair haque

Umair — Thank you for this essay. I connect deeply with your comments about certain forms of love as akin to resistance to the forces of entropy and decay. I’d add that the forces of fear want to compel us to close ourselves off from the vulnerabilities that come from even expressing human kindness, let alone love. Distillation of the wisdom of many faiths to “love thy neighbor as thyself” attests to how long we’ve recognized that at our core, we are called to love vs. hate or fear “the other.” Adam Phillips, in his book, On Kindness, delves into our longstanding relationship to kindness. In today’s climate, Phillips’ comments point to a basic choice: Does immorality, irrationality, and avarice pulse at our core, or are people fundamentally motivated to be kind, generous and considerate? I believe the evidence, in spite of specific instances to the contrary, show that when actively engaged in “loving resistance”, we are members of the latter group. And, your essay is a powerful gauntlet thrown at our feet to invite us to choose to reside in the latter group each day.

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