Keep Unlearning

Sorry for being so quiet these last few months. I was not completely sure about how I wanted to brand my self and Hb-Studio/Kale-Media (my businesses). 
We stopped posting content on Medium and Instagram for a bit, just the time for us to realize what really matters: helping our community to take a step back and see things with more perspective. Because that what it takes to really innovate.

Remember one thing: people act like they know what’s going on here (on this giant rock floating in space, that we call Earth). Nobody has clue, so do YOU and keep unlearning all the crap we got brainwashed with since the day we were born.

By posting quality content consistently from now on, we hope to help whoever is interested to think more outside of the society standards, reinvent the way they operate their business or their career. There is only one way to work: YOUR WAY. But first you need to unlearn a sh*t ton of stuff. We’re here to help.

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