Veganism is a political statement

We go vegan for one reason, we stay vegan for a hundred

Vegans start for a reason (usually health or ethic), but as they become more aware of the way things work, it turns out to become more of a political statement than anything else.

It’s not anymore about meat, it’s about the industrialisation of living beings.

It’s about how blind we became because of marketing and advertising. So blind that we have lost our compassion for other living beings. It’s about increasing our self-esteem and loving ourselves and others more because we don’t take part into this nightmare and because we feel good about ourselves.

It’s about taking care of our bodies and our minds. Healthy eating is the biggest sign of self respect.

It’s about what we do with our money. Are we spending it responsibly or are we supporting industries that are against our deep values and principles. Unfortunately the only real power we have in this world is the way we spend our money.

And believe it or not, we as consumers have more power than we think.

Most importantly it’s about becoming the change we want to see in this world.

P.S: Let’s all remember one thing: it’s all about profit. And without it, the industry would have a totally different face, our health is not what matters most. Yes, being vegan is also a big f*ck off to the status quo.

Thanks for spending a minute or two reading my post, it means the world!

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