You mind cannot conceive 1% of what life can give you

The power of creating the momentum and putting your life on Steroids

We all wait a long time before making decisions,

  • We wait until we find the right partner to start a business,
  • We wait until we build the right skills to start doing something we love,
  • We wait until we have the “legitimacy” to start something.

We just keep waiting for the stars to align (getting “good enough” at something). And we never actually move.

The truth is that life has so much to offer if we keep moving forward no matter what.

Everybody is bad at anything they start for the first time. Those who don’t start, stay bad forever. Those who decide to stop caring of being judged will start even if they suck. They will keep doing it, they will get better, they will get noticed, they will get unexpected opportunities. Serendipity will become the norm in their lives.

Some call them lucky. I call them alive.

Nobody is good at something right away.
When I started writing in English (which is not my native language), I realized along the way, that people don’t really care about my spelling mistakes and my English level. I could have waited for years, I could have taken English lessons until I felt ready to start, I did not. I just wrote.

What people cared about were my intentions and approach to a topic. People can feel authenticity from miles away.

With enough discipline (writing once a week no matter how busy or uninspired I was) I was able to get better and to create a momentum. Then life started to surprise me a lot:

  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Writing opportunities
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Various business opportunities

I was just writing once a week and I’m less than average at it. I got astonished by how many opportunities life could give me with just a small discipline and consistency that anybody can bring into their lives. And writing is not even my job!

There is nothing to think about before starting, the truth is that:
You can think as much as you want, there is no way you can conceive what life has to offer.

It’s better to do it badly every day, than not doing it at all

Put yourself out there, keep moving, create the momentum. Waiting is hiding. Hiding is being mediocre, at best.

There is no “luck”. Only movement, discipline and zero care of what people think can bring you in paths you never believed existed.

Put your life on steroids right now, stop waiting to start this thing you have in mind for years and most importantly, start doing it everyday. Skills don’t matter when you keep moving, quality is secondary. Quality and skills (and money, success or anything you want in your life) are the side effects of you doing something everyday driven by a strong vision, and becoming better at it.

If you don’t do it, you already know what’s going to happen. 
If you keep doing it everyday, you have no idea.
Which path will you choose? I choose uncertainty every day.

Stay tuned and spread the word.

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