(co-authored by Zhenya Warshavsky)

Project Canopy is a new nonprofit non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is:

…to gather, transform and communicate the data organizations need to end defaunation, deforestation and associated carbon emissions in the Congo Basin rainforest. Our data platform, analytics and newswire provide our audiences the building blocks they need to make the most impactful programmatic and policy decisions.

The task ahead of us is no small matter. To build even a prototype of a data platform of this size and scope requires:

  • Close collaboration with the co-founders, who have deep domain knowledge of conservation practices in the…

Courtesy NASA

This is the third post in a series documenting the design, development and implementation of a machine learning pipeline leveraging satellite imagery to predict drivers of deforestation in the Congo Basin rainforest. For more context, please read the first two articles here and here.

(co-authored by Zhenya Warshavsky)

Project Canopy is a new nonprofit aiming to bolster evidence-based policymaking by identifying where environmental actors can obtain the greatest returns on their conservation investments. One way we aim to do this is by developing a tool that allows users to track, in nearly real-time, logging activity in the Congo Basin. …

Congo Basin custom Project Canopy mosaic, captured with Google Earth Engine

(co-authored by Zhenya Warshavsky)

Searching for, downloading and displaying 2.5 million square kilometers of satellite imagery is no small task. But Project Canopy, a new NGO focusing on evidence-based policymaking for the Congo Basin rainforest, orgnaizations need a comprehensive overview of the rainforest in order to make effective decisions. As the NGO’s data scientists, we have been working over the last nine months to create such a prototype: a near-real-time logging road detection and notification system, powered by machine learning, and available across the entire Congo Basin rainforest.

Our previous article described how we went about deciding which platform to…

We all need housing to live a decent life, but paying for that housing is often a huge expense for Americans. Millennials spend 45% of their income on rent by age 30, for example. People often save up for years or decades to own a house. As such, the price of renting or buying a place to live presents one of the most important public policy concerns there is. To deal with this issue, accurate information is necessary.

I decided to look into data on home and rent prices provided by Zillow Research to see what I could find. Some…

David Nagy

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